Our Issues


Good Neighbor Initiative

Kendra plans to develop a Good Neighbor Initiative that creates an opportunity for dialogue between community leaders, businesses, TIRZ, Management Districts, Houston Police Department and other government entities on how they can improve the quality of life and support local businesses in their area.  

Local business owners and residents can identify a pathway together to create opportunities and address community concerns. Meetings will be held quarterly. There will be no cost to the city!

As a wife of a local business owner and community leader, Kendra believes that creating opportunities for discourse can build relationships between all of the groups working in communities throughout District C.


Kendra plans to ensure that the current Capital Improvement Projects that were pushed back for 2018 and 2019 get priority to rebuild storm drainage infrastructure in District C. See 2018-2022 Adopted CIP and 2019-2023 Adopted CIP for more details on the plans that were pushed back.

She wants to see that through partnerships with METRO, Harris County and the City of Houston that all city sidewalks are accessible to everyone.  This means that our team will be working with community leaders to ensure this accessibility is available in their communities and along major routes.  

Kendra is exploring ways we can develop safe streets for everyone with experts and local leaders.  We all know the areas that we walk, bike, drive, or run where we are at the greatest danger. She wants to empower our voices in the decision-making process.

Great plans are being laid out to improve our infrastructure as we continue to grow. Kendra knows that she does not have all the answers but can promise that she will bring everyone to the table to discuss those plans and coordinate meeting to educate the community on plans that will impact them and get their feedback.   



Constituent Services

Constituents services are a top priority for Kendra. Her plan is to have a dedicated person in the office to oversee 311 calls to ensure the issues reported are addressed and be the contact person to our neighbors to update them on the progress of addressing the issue.


Both the city and county have established a funding source for specific projects to address infrastructure needs to reduce the threat of flooding in and around the Greater Houston Area. We need to ensure that this money is allocated appropriately and not wasted. Stay tuned as Kendra is talking to experts and community leaders about this issue and other that are related.


Traffic is definitely an issue most of face in our daily commute. Kendra guarantees to communicate planned projects in and around the city that will impact your drive time. She is also reaching out to experts to get their thoughts on what can be done to create some ease for all of us as we drive across Houston. Stay tuned for updates.